Friday, February 4, 2011

Aww No Cut Daddy! Part II

Believe me, I've had the same look on my face all season...

Jon talks to Cutter about John Calipari and UK basketball, the true contenders in college hoops, and Jimmer Mania.

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  1. I think that you guys hit on a point, if I can mix & match words here...I wonder why Jimmer can't just be JJ? I feel like I remember JJ hitting those super deep 3's and driving on isolation plays...I can see him in a similar system playing a similar role...also, a 2 guard version of Peja? I know I'm pulling from only current players, but I think we're looking at a shooter who doesn't play defense...Redick's quicker than Jimmer, but as Cutter said, he does make up for it by using his size...also a current player, but Jimmer at his best....Chauncey Billups-oversized at his position making big jumpers.

  2. I'll take Chauncey, pretty sure he won a championship and has at least one all-star!!

  3. haha, I thought you might like that I said, I really only know current players, but I think those are his three most realistic options, worst being Peja, best being Chauncey, though he'll have to learn to play D for sure if he wants to be Billups...and possible become black.

  4. He's Mormon he can do anything were talking all-time athletic greats here.....Steve Young, Danny Ainge, Shawn Bradley....oh crap