Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Boris Diaw Time Show (1/28)

Rajon Rondo goes down, the Lakers implode, the East opens up, and more from the NBA.

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AFC Championship Runback: Playing Not to Lose

Baltimore 28
New England 13

Let’s come to an agreement on one thing, shall we? From this day forward, the word ‘momentum’ shall be completely and forever eradicated from our football vocabulary. Under no circumstances will it be used. It will become as archaic as ‘thee’ and ‘thou’…and if you’re reading this and you happen to be Amish, then simply replace ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ with words that are archaic in your culture, such as ‘taxes’ and ‘progress.’ 

Why replace one of the league’s most used buzzwords, you ask? Easy…because it’s useless and stupid! Last year, the New York Giants rode the “momentum” of a terrific 3-5 finish to the season (sarcasm) all the way to an improbable Super Bowl victory over a Patriots team that had won 10 straight to that point. Momentum was pretty decisive there, I’d say (more sarcasm). 

This year, it was the Ravens’ turn to kick momentum in the teeth. After losing four of their last five – including a horrific loss to the ageless Charlie Batch – the Ravens looked as lifeless as the two guys who tangled with Ray Lewis back in the day. Flacco was terrible, Ray Rice wasn’t getting any touches, and the defense was an injury away from asking for volunteers from the stands. Things got so bad in Baltimore that they fired their offensive coordinator – WITH THREE GAMES LEFT IN THE SEASON! When has a playoff team ever made that kind of decision?!? Whatever the exact opposite of ‘momentum’ is, that’s what the Baltimore Ravens had.

Thankfully for the Ravens, momentum isn’t a real thing, as evidenced by their victory over a Colts team that finished the season 9-2, a Broncos team that closed their season with 11 consecutive wins, and a Patriots team that had won 10 of their last 11. So yeah, let’s throw that nonsense out the window and never speak of it again.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Boris Diaw Time Show (1/25)

Manti Te'o speaks (sorta), Jay Ratliff gets drunk, and the Jets consider a drastic move.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

NFC Championship Runback: Did Matt Ryan Really Choke?

San Francisco 49ers 28
Atlanta Falcons 24

I suppose the best way to explain this game to someone is to have them re-watch last week’s Seahawks-Falcons game, except instead of having them view it in real time, you’d hit the “2x speed” button on your DVR. Indeed, the first half of Sunday’s NFC Championship showdown was eerily similar to Atlanta’s Divisional Round win, complete with the blazing fast start, the out-of-nowhere collapse, and the heroic last minute score. There’s just one slight difference between the two games. One teeny, tiny, almost insignificant difference…an entire half of football.

Boy what a difference it was. The Falcons went from “Greatest Show on Turf” caliber offense to being completely shut out, while the previously lifeless 49ers played like their water bottles and Gatorade coolers had been replaced with dozens of cases of Red Bull. Either that or a very angry (and very terrifying) Jim Harbaugh threatened to kill each player’s family if they let this crappy Falcons team reach the Super Bowl. I’m betting on the latter, but hey, that’s just me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Boris Diaw Time Show (1/22)

The show returns to discuss the Ravens surprising win and the 49ers not-so-surprising comeback.

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