Thursday, February 10, 2011

BDT with Frankie (Feb 10)

I'm not even going to try to come up with a caption for this...

Jon talks to Frankie about the Lakers, 'Melo, and Albert Pujols.

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  1. I am jealous Frankie. Discussing my Packers and my Cardinals. By the way, Pujols is just doing his side of the negotiations to even out the clubs' desire of a 5 year deal. He will get $30 a year, and he deserves it. My prediction is a front-loaded 8 year, $240 million contract. With all the young players on our team, a front-loaded contract will help when Freese, Jay, Rasmus, and Garcia need extensions. Carp will probably be gone after this year, as sad as that is to say. We've always built with a lot of role players. With Pujols and Holliday, we will at least be potent. All this to say, $30 Million/Year for Pujols is a discount compared to what he would get in free agency.

    Also, I agree with Amy. Baseball is a much better watch.

    Finally, Da Bullz!

    Sticker out...

  2. STICKER! I've missed u! I agree that pujols deserves to be the highest paid. He's the best...and its not even close. As a cardinals fan, you have to be concerned about the surrounding cast if you're committing so much to one guy. Losing carp will be a tough hit for sure. I guess this speaks more to me about the messed up economics of baseball. If there is one organization that doesn't deserve this situation, its the cards because they are the class of baseball.

    Also, as a celtic fan, im literally terrified of the bulls.

    Ill have to get you on the show sometime Pat!

  3. Ohio State would DESTROY the Cavs... I mean, who is going to guard Sullinger? Ryan Hollins? Samardo Samuels? We all know Antawn Jamison opted out of defense when he signed with the Wizards years ago... Yeah, no contest... Buckeyes win streak is as long as the Cavs losing streak! I hate Ohio.......

  4. As much as I would laugh if OSU did win, I have to say that the Cavs would crush them or any other college team. I mean, OSU nearly lost to Northwestern.....and the Cavs nearly beat the Mavericks. That having been said, LET'S SET THIS THING UP!

  5. CAVS WIN!!!! CAVS WIN!!!! CAVS WIN!!!! Despite the heroics of Baron Davis... muahahaha, that's just funny in and of itself.

  6. Buckeyes lose...I can't say anything though...wisconsin shot 12 of 24 from 3 pt while we had less than 10 attempts, if I remember correctly...I don't know how you beat wisconsin on that day. props to them.

  7. Umm...I don't know, play some defense? Figure out how to close out shooters?