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BDT -- 1st Round Breakdown (Apr 29)

He's like Brett Favre...only with a worse arm. Prince, behold your franchise QB!
So......the draft last night......uh.....where should I even start? No, seriously, where should I start? I don't know how you felt after the first round ended, but I went home last night thinking, "what the heck just happened?" Prince, who was riding home with me, was thinking the same thing, except his sounded more like this, "WHY?! WHY?! WHY VIKINGS?! WHY?!" And then he jumped out of the car into oncoming, I'm only kidding...but seriously, he did.

If you've been reading BDT for any appreciable period of time (and really, why would you?) then you know how much I loathe draft day grades. Look, I have no problem with passing early judgment based on your opinions, but grades are stupid. How can you put a B+ on a draft pick when you haven't even seen the guy play a down in the NFL? Also, how can you even determine whether a pick is a B+ or just a regular B? It's so stupid! Again, I have no problems with opinions, but that's all they are. Nobody has any real idea of what's going to happen with any of these players in the future...except Cam Newton. I really do know that. Moving on...

Cam Newton Goes #1 to Carolina

My dream scenario is alive! Prince and I were discussing Newton again last night and every time we do this we try to figure out what we're missing. It seems reasonable that two morons like us could not possibly have better insight into the actual abilities of Cam Newton than actual NFL GM's, right? If so many knowledgeable football people are interested in taking Newton high in the draft, then there must be something we don't see. Yet, every time we go through this exercise, we once again realize how incomprehensible it is to take Newton #1. Yes, he's really big and really athletic...we get that. Yes, he can throw the ball hard...we get that. Yes, he won some games in college...we get that too. Apparently you no longer need to be able to read defenses, throw with accuracy, or even know any of your own plays in order to be successful as a QB in the NFL! And just when I thought Newton couldn't get any worse, he tells Deion Sanders he's going to take a "much needed vacation." WHAT?! Don't you have some work to do??? At this point, I think it's more likely Carolina ends up hanging Cam Newton himself instead of his jersey...but what do I know? I'm sure he and Carolina will be very happy together.

Side note: The next person who says "he's a winner" as an argument for taking a QB is likely going to take an 8-iron to the kneecap. Awesome, he won some games in did everyone else.

Patrick Peterson goes #5 to Arizona

Not a major headline at all, but a really smart pick by the Cardinals. A lot of people, including myself, thought Peterson was the best player in the draft so it was a great move to resist the QB reach temptation and take the BPA. Yes, Arizona still needs a QB, but it's so dumb to waste the #5 pick on a 2nd round talent just because you need the position. Peterson's a stud and Arizona won't be sorry they ended up with him.

Atlanta trades their next 37 picks to Cleveland for Julio Jones

Cleveland received two first rounders, a second rounder, and two fourth rounders for the right to draft Julio Jones. I don't know how most Cleveland fans feel about the trade, but they should be thrilled. Considering their current stable of receivers, I understand the disappointment in not landing Jones. Historically speaking though, the team receiving the picks almost always wins the trade. If you didn't read the WR statistics I researched and posted yesterday, then please do so and you'll understand why I love the trade. 60% of first round receivers bust and very few turn out to be true franchise players. Statistically speaking, Mike Holmgren fleeced the Falcons.

Aldon Smith goes #7 to San Francisco

Sorry Casey, I really don't understand this selection. Based on CHFF's Defensive Hog Index, San Fran was fairly strong on their defensive front so this pick doesn't fit a big need. Also, Smith wasn't rated this highly so it's not a case of BPA either. I suppose Smith could turn out to be a stud and everyone will talk about what a great pick this was, but for now it doesn't make sense. The 49ers could have really used some help in their secondary and Prince Amukamara would have made much more sense. Heck, they could have even traded down and landed Smith later if they really wanted him. Whatever.

Jake Locker goes #8 to Tennessee
Blaine Gabbert goes #10 to Jacksonville

I wish you all could have heard our reaction when Locker's name was announced. You know that "OHH" every guy in the room yells when one of their friends gets hit in the crotch and collapses to the floor in pain? Yeah, that was our reaction. Football got hit in the crotch and we were delighted. Honestly, I never could have imagined Locker going this highly. Yes, he's extremely talented and all, but #8?! How is he any less of a project than Vince Young? How does Tennessee figure it improved with that pick? I suppose Gabbert makes a bit more sense since he was more highly rated, but you all know how I feel about him. Jacksonville really needed a QB, but I doubt Gabbert is the answer. What bothered me most about the selection was that it prematurely ended Gabbert's slide. ESPN was already starting to show Gabbert

Tyron Smith goes #9 to Dallas

I'm not unhappy with the pick, but I wish we would have taken Fairley. I know we need OL, but Fairley is gonna be awesome. At least we didn't do this...

...Christian Ponder goes #12 to Minnesota

Other than Cam Newton, this was probably the worst selection in the first round. It's not that I hate Ponder, but he's a second round talent at best. He's got the tools to be successful, but injury and inconsistency are two things you definitely don't want in a franchise QB. Perhaps they couldn't trade down or something; that's really all I can think of. It would have made more sense to trade back up into the first round because I think he would have been there in the mid 20's. Regardless, this pick was easily the highlight of my night. Prince literally stood, motionless and stunned, for several minutes. He proceeded to spend the rest of the night alternating between talking himself into the pick and drinking a bottle of poison. At one point, he looked over and literally begged me to give him some kind of hope...I'll let you figure out what kind of "hope" I gave him. (Hint: it had something to do with "hoping" the Vikings picked a better QB two years from now) Also, after the ESPN announcers blathered on about Ponder being similar to Chad Pennington (except less basically not like Pennington at all), Prince found this gem on Twitter; "I'd rather have Chad Pennington than a poor man's Chad Pennington." Don't worry Prince, I'm sure Ponder will be just fine.

Nick Fairley goes #13 to Detroit

I don't know how Fairley and Suh will fit together, but it should be amazing to watch. I'd be curious to know how drunk Jay Cutler got last night after seeing the Lions pick.

Side note: I was hoping Washington would take Fairley so he could play next to Albert Haynesworth. If you don't understand why, then don't worry about it.

Great Defensive Linemen falling

Fairley falls to #13, Robert Quinn falls to #14, Ryan Kerrigan falls to #16, Corey Liuget falls to #18, Adrian Clayborn falls to #20, Cameron Jordan falls to #24, Muhammad Wilkerson falls to #30, Cameron Heyward falls to #31. That's an awful lot of D-Line talent going late in the draft! Several early reaches (like Ponder!) caused these slides and it looks like the rich just got richer in this draft.

Prince Amukamara falls to #19 to the New York Giants

I really can't figure out how he fell this far. Was there a drug problem we didn't know about or something? You can't even understand how mad I am that the Giants ended up with him.

Phil Taylor goes #21 to Cleveland

Cleveland swapped the Falcons 1st they received earlier and a 3rd rounder to move up and take the big nose tackle out of Baylor. I was iffy on the pick at first, but after thinking about it for some time, I'm in full hate mode. This would make more sense if Cleveland still ran a 3-4, but I'm not sure how well Taylor fits their new 4-3 scheme. I just don't see the logic in giving up that much value for a one or two down player who can't rush the passer, especially with Cameron Jordan and DaQuan Bowers still available. Taylor might have still been on the board when Cleveland came back up a few picks later!

Danny Watkins goes #23 to Philadelphia

He's 26 years old already...and Gabe Carimi was still on the board. I'm confused.

Saints get Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram

There's no way New Orleans could have possibly imagined a scenario where they land both, but it happened and they're a much better football team now. I don't know about you, but I find it odd that Mark Ingram fell so far. I don't care what anybody says, he's a stud. The Saints rushing attack was awful last year and Ingram provides a huge upgrade over Pierre Thomas (don't even try to tell me he's good) and tiny Reggie Bush. Well done New Orleans.

Gabe Carimi goes #29 to Chicago

Chicago had the worst offensive line in football last year and they totally lucked out by landing the best offensive tackle in the draft. Sure, you can make an argument for Tyron Smith, Nate Solder, or Anthony Castonzo, but Carimi was the best I saw. He faced #16 pick Ryan Kerrigan, #18 pick Corey Liuget, #20 pick Adrian Clayborn, and #31 pick Cameron Heyward last year during the Big 10 season and believe me, he more than held his own. Also, he went up against #11 pick J.J. Watt every day in practice! Honestly, I wanted Dallas to trade back and take him.

DaQuan Bowers falls to 2nd round

I know the knee concerns are there, but I'm really surprised no one took a chance on him considering the enormous talent he has. Pass rushers like Bowers are hard to find and it seemed like teams didn't really care about wasting their first round pick, so why not take a shot on Bowers? Heck, if Minnesota can draft a borderline 2nd round guy at #12, and if Kansas City can take a 3rd round receiver at #26, then why not take a top five talent late in the first round? Some lucky team is going to have a major gem on their hands early tonight.

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