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BDT -- NFL Mock Draft: Jon vs. Prince (Picks 11-20) (Apr 22)

We had plenty of this during the first ten picks and more coming up!

As promised, here is the second part of the Boris Diaw Time mock draft. Again, this mock draft is a little different from the typical ones on ESPN. We aren't picking who will get drafted in a certain spot; we're picking who we would draft if we were in charge of that team. Prince and I alternate picks and there were plenty of interesting ones in the top ten. Don't forget, we have no idea what we're talking about so don't get angry if you hate our picks.

If you missed the first ten picks, you can find them here:


#10   Washington Redskins WR Julio Jones, Alabama

Prince: I have recently heard rumors that Washington is considering drafting Mallet here (I guess they finally realized Rex Grossman is not a good option), but looking at our mock draft, it seems like QBs will be available later on. I actually think there’s a good chance Jones ends up going to Washington on draft day, unless they decide to trade the pick. He had an amazing workout at the combine and could give a major boost to the Redskins passing game. With Sanatana Moss aging and Anthony Armstrong being their only other decent wide receiver, Jones should be able to make an impact his rookie season and I think he could be a beast in Mike Shanahan's West Coast offense. They still need to figure out what's going on at QB though…

Jon: I love this pick for Washington…just wasn’t sure if you were smart enough to make it! They have an incredibly low level of talent at the offensive skill positions, so Jones is an easy choice for them if he falls this far. You’re right though, QB is still a major problem, but #10 is too big a reach. I will say this however; I’m not a huge fan of Jake Locker, but if anyone was going to reach for him, Washington could be the right fit. He reminds me a lot of Jake Plummer, someone who Mike Shanahan had a lot of success with before. People seem to be all over the place on where Locker is going in the draft, but a trade down to take him (and net additional picks) might not be a bad idea.

Prince: It's great to see you have so much confidence in me making these picks. There’s definitely a possibility of Washington trading this pick, especially if Jones is already gone. Worst case scenario for them is landing a great pass rusher though, so they should be able to get good value at #10. They had a horrible defense last year, and will likely use most of their picks for guys on that side of the football. However, Jones is too good for them to pass up here, and wide receiver is a position where they really need help.

#11   Houston Texans DE/LB Aldon Smith, Missouri

Jon: Anybody who watched a single second of football last year knows the Texans defense is awful. This unit severely underperformed from the front four to the defensive backfield and they need some serious help. I’m sure the addition of Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator will help (all Cowboy fans laugh hysterically), but a fresh infusion of talent wouldn’t hurt either. While I think Wade is a complete moron (go ahead, try and dispute me!), I have to admit he’s had great success with the hybrid linebackers (see Shawne Merriman and DeMarcus Ware). Aldon Smith has been favorably compared to Ware and his addition could go a long way towards keeping blockers off Mario Williams and drastically improving the Texans’ front seven. Only then could we truly witness the power of Wade Phillips’ “genius.”

Prince: Time to let Wade work his magic! I'm a little surprised you went with Aldon Smith over some of the other defensive linemen still out there, but I guess you still have confidence in Wade Phillips ability to make this guy into a star. Regardless, this defense was really bad last year and they had to hope their offense would score every drive to keep them in the game. Five of their six wins came when they scored 30+ points, and they were still barely outscoring their opponent! This team needs help at almost every defensive position, so taking a guy who can get up on the line and also stand up and play linebacker might be a good idea for them.

Jon: Wow! That might be the first time you ever complimented me…like, ever. Of course, it came after a completely unnecessary Wade Phillips shot. Let me make this clear to everyone; I have no confidence in Wade Phillips to be successful at anything other than cleaning out the buffet. I don’t know a ton about Aldon Smith, but guys like Warren Sapp really like him and Wade has had some previous success with similar talents. I made this pick between him and Cameron Jordan (who I’m not in love with) and I think Smith is a much better fit for the scheme. However Wade chooses to ruin him is up to Wade.

#12   Minnesota Vikings DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson

Prince: Unlike you with Jerry Jones, I actually like Rick Spielman. I’m not under the illusion I know more than him, and I trust what he’s doing for the team.

I need to start by saying this is a very risky pick. Before Bowers had his knee surgery he was considered to be one of the best players in the draft and a top five pick, but there have been mixed reviews about the health of his knee and it has caused him to freefall down draft boards. However, if healthy, this guy is freak. Bowers explodes out of his stance, causing enormous problems for offensive tackles, as is evidenced by him leading the nation in sacks. He’s also great against the run and finished second on his team in tackles. Bowers is very talented and, if he stays healthy, will be a nightmare for offenses.

DE is not Minnesota’s biggest need, but they usually take the best player available. They also make it a practice to snatch up talented players who slide down a few spots. Their willingness to take chances on players leads me to believe they’ll take a long look at Bowers. Assuming he’s still around at #12, I think the only way he doesn’t go to Minnesota is if they have major concerns about his health.

Jon: So, what you’re saying is, if Minnesota isn’t all that concerned about the only concern surrounding a top three talent, then they’ll probably go ahead and take him at #12. Quite an insightful draft analysis there, Prince! All kidding aside, you’re right about the Vikes taking chances on guys and they could potentially get a huge return on their investment with Bowers. This seems like a fairly logical pick for them considering it’s too early for any of the QB’s, all the top DB’s are gone, and there aren’t any great values at #12 for OL. Realistically, this seems like a trade down, but Bowers might be too good to pass up. Still, are you sure you’re not interested in Cam Newton? Teach him a play or two, since he obviously doesn’t know any, and you’ve got yourself an entertainer/icon!

Prince: Even as I was writing my comments, I knew you would say something like that. Yes, I know the only thing keeping Bowers out of the top five is the health concern, but I also think that, even if teams check him and think he's OK, they could shy away. The Vikings could definitely trade this pick. They haven’t been shy about moving around on draft day in the past, so that wouldn't surprise me at all.

As for Cam Newton, he couldn't even come up with a play for Gruden! He couldn't even say anything that could even be part of a play. Apparently Auburn just put up a number on the sideline and that was how everyone knew which play to run. This guy doesn't even call plays in a huddle (which EVERY QB in the NFL has to do)...what a joke! No experience calling plays, no knowledge of the language he will have to get used to in the NFL, and no experience being under center...what do these teams see in him that makes them think he can play QB in the NFL? Teach him a play or two and you still have a huge waste of a pick.  

#13   Detroit Lions DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

Jon: This is definitely not the consensus, but hey, it’s my pick and I’m crazy about Ryan Kerrigan! Cameron Jordan is a much hotter name right now, but I’ll take Kerrigan’s production in a much tougher conference any day. Seriously, go watch his game tapes and tell me he isn’t going to be a stud! Detroit has a lot of defensive needs so getting an impact player is an absolute must. In a perfect world, they’d rather land a starter at CB, but taking Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris would be too big a reach. Actually, my decision came down to Kerrigan or OL Gabe Carimi (whom I also love). In the end, Kerrigan’s body of work and non-stop motor, along with the obvious positional need, won me over.

Prince: I agree with you that Kerrigan is a stud and will produce in the NFL, but I'm not sold on this pick for the Lions. I actually think their defensive line is solid, and their pass rush is amazing. They were actually sixth in the league last year in sacks, only four behind the top ranked Steelers. I think between the 2 choices you had, I would have gone with Carimi because they have to find a way to protect Matt Stafford.

Jon: Carimi would have been a great choice as well; they really can’t go wrong with either. Based on their personnel, I think last season’s sack total is a little bit of a mirage. Regardless, you can’t like their defensive line too much when taking into account their porous run defense. It’s not always easy to find a good three down DE and Kerrigan is just as adept at stuffing the run as he is getting to the passer. Plus, Schwartz is a defensive coach and this definitely fits his philosophy.

#14  St. Louis Rams DT Corey Liuget, Illinois

Prince: I'm not going to lie; with what’s still available here for St. Louis I have no idea who they would actually take, but their defensive line could use some help. Landrum, I think you'll agree with me that someone's name can definitely determine whether you like him or not. This guy’s name is pronounced "legit" so he has to be bumped up a few spots on draft day. Liuget is tough to contain one on one in pass protection, and could also play on the outside. He’s also an excellent run stopper who can step in right away and help St. Louis.

Jon: I wasn’t certain of the pronunciation of his name, but I’m completely sold on him after learning it. In fact, maybe we should start this whole thing over so I can re-pick for the Panthers!

I really don’t know much about Liuget, but Steve Spagnuolo values the DL greatly and it makes sense that he would want to solidify this position. Based on his scouting report and combine results, he seems like the type of player who would fit well into Spagnuolo’s scheme and his versatility gives him the edge over a Cameron Jordan or a Muhammad Wilkerson.

Prince: Liuget going #1 to the Panthers...that would be a great way to start things off. I've heard St. Louis would really like to trade up in the draft, and we've pointed out a few teams we think could trade down, so they might not end up picking here on April 28th. If they aren't able to make a deal though, I think Liuget is a good option.

#15  Miami Dolphins HB Mark Ingram, Alabama

Jon: This is going to be one of the most interesting picks of the first round. It’s almost late enough to see a guy like Mallett come into play. Truthfully, I seriously debated taking Mallett here, but the drug/character questions scare me (along with everybody else). With OL not being a huge weak point and uncertainty surrounding the future of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, taking Ingram seemed like the logical thing to do. I don’t care what his combine results were or what his perceived value is; Ingram can flat play and he’s being severely underrated right now. Honestly, I’m not totally sold on Henne as a bust, so maybe re-igniting the running game will aid him in his development and give Miami a more fair assessment of what they already have.

Prince: Ingram seems to be a very popular pick for Miami in mock drafts because it makes a lot of sense for them. I don't understand why Ingram seems to have fallen on draft boards either. What were people expecting from in the 40? He's never been the fastest guy, but he’s definitely capable of handling the bulk of the carries and the hits that come with it. People seem to have focused too much on Ingram’s negatives and forgotten how good a football player he is.

Jon: My thoughts exactly! I understand why teams value speed and athleticism, but there’s more to football than just that. Emmitt Smith was never the biggest or the fastest, but he was always one of the best. I’m not saying Ingram is the next Emmitt Smith or anything, but I have no doubt he’ll be a productive RB for years…as long as Ricky Williams doesn’t come back to introduce him to a certain friend…if you know what I mean…

#16  Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

Prince:  I think it's finally time for a QB, and Landrum, I fully expect you to hate this pick. David Garrard is nearing the end of his career and Jags fans better pray they don't get stuck with Trent Edwards running their offense. If they select Gabbert here, he won't have to be their starter from day one and will be given some much needed time to learn. It seems like the Jags like mobile quarterbacks (Leftwich and Garrard) which is why I think they would go with Gabbert over Mallett. He played in a pro style offense in high school so he does have a little experince, but he didn't spend much time under center at Missouri. Whether you believe it or not, he told Gruden they practiced under center every day, and there is some tape of him working on it. Yes, he still has plenty to learn, but I like him much more in the middle of the round than the very top.

Jon: I don’t even know what to say to you right now. Blaine Gabbert? Really? I would be totally speechless if not for my overwhelming desire to rail on you. First, have you ever watched Byron Leftwich play? He’s anything but mobile! He’s as statuesque as Drew Bledsoe! Second, I wouldn’t say David Garrard even had a career worth mentioning. And third, BLAINE GABBERT SUCKS!

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’ll try to actually make some constructive comments. Jacksonville definitely needs a QB, because, as you said, Trent Edwards isn’t even good enough to be considered a franchise QB for an Arena League team. Gabbart though…I just don’t like him. He put up really pedestrian numbers in a typically prolific spread system and that raises some serious red flags to me. I’m not wild about his throwing motion, he hasn’t worked from under center, and I’m skeptical of his ability to read complicated defenses. All in all, I think this guy is a backup at best…if that. Personally, I’ve never understood why teams convince themselves to take so-so QB prospects so high just because they have a need. If the guy isn’t that good then he’s not that good! No matter who else is in the draft! I wouldn’t take a QB at this spot for that very reason, but if I did it would definitely be Mallett over everyone else.

Prince: I think you and I have about the same feelings on Newton and Mallett, but I don't hate Gabbert like you do. I don't know if you just think his throwing motion looks awkward, or if you really think it won't work in the NFL, but I don't think he’s going to have to change it at all. Gabbert is very intelligent and will be able to learn and read defenses. He should be better than a career backup (like you suggested) and if he’s given the time to learn and improve, he can be the future starter for the Jags.      

#17  New England Patriots C/G Mike Pouncey, Florida

Jon: It’s almost impossible to figure out what New England will do come draft day, but it’s pretty clear the pass rush and the offensive line are major areas of need. Thankfully for them, the back end of the draft is loaded with both. Cameron Jordan was a strong consideration given his fit in a 3-4, and Gabe Carimi/Anthony Costonzo were also possibilities given Matt Light’s age and declining skill level. In the end, Pouncey was the pick for a couple of reasons. For one, I feel very strongly about Pouncey. I loved his brother Maurkice in last year’s draft and I love Mike this year. To me, he’s the best value left on the board at #17. For another, his versatility will be invaluable to New England. With questions surrounding the age or contract status of center Dan Koppen and guards Logan Mankins/Stephen Neal, Pouncey’s ability to play either position (and play them well) gives New England the leverage to make the decisions they need to make without compromising the offensive line.

Prince: After what Mike's brother did for Pittsburgh last year, I can see him being a high pick. The Patriots are another team that finds value throughout the draft and I think this would be a great pick for them. Just like his brother, Mike can be plugged into an NFL offensive line in his first year, and like you said, New England might have to count on him his rookie season. He might not make the Pro Bowl right away like Maurkice, but he’s still an excellent player and should be around for a long time.

Jon: At worst, this gives New England another big body to protect Brady from Rex Ryan storming the field again. He might waddle like a giant, fat duck, but take a solid hit from Rex and a concussion is the least of your worries.

#18  San Diego Chargers DE Cameron Jordan, California

Prince: The Chargers were a really odd team last year. They ranked first in the league in both offense and defense, yet are somehow picking in the middle of the round. They have a big need at LB, so I could see them taking Akeem Ayers, but I don't like him as much as Jordan. Cal switched to a 3-4 defense in 2008 and Jordan played multiple positions on the line, so I think he’s a more logical pick. He’s better suited in a 3-4(which is what San Diego runs) because he’s more of a run stopper, and is probably too slow to be an outside rusher.  

Jon: I couldn’t disagree with your pick more. San Diego has serious needs on their sideline and should be looking at head coach with their selection. Wait; you can’t draft coaches? Well, I guess they can’t fix their problem with this pick then. Seriously though, maybe they should trade this pick for a head coach. (In case you were wondering, Jordan is a good pick here. He’s a nice value at #18.)

Prince: Hmmm...I think Brad Childress is still available. Seriously, you have to blame Norv Turner when you lead the league in offense and defense and finish the season 9-7.

#19  New York Giants LT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

Jon: The Giants have a rapidly aging offensive line in need of a fresh infusion of young talent. While still maintaining its effectiveness, several key players (David Diehl, Rich Seubert, etc.) missed time last year and that issue doesn’t figure to improve. Having watched quite a bit of him last year, I’m confident Carimi can step in immediately and hold his own. In addition, many scouts think he has the ability to move along the line so, even if he isn’t starting right away, he can fill an important role by plugging holes left behind due to injury or ineffectiveness.

Prince: This team would love to see Pouncey fall to them,  but that obviously didn't happen in our mock draft. Still, if they are able to get Carimi they should be fine. That line needs someone who can play multiple positions, and I think if the Giants have to Carimi could fill in, but he stands at 6'7" and might be a little tall for a guard. Carimi has been well tested though, having to play against J.J. Watt in practice and seeing Ryan Kerrigan and Cameron Heyward in games, so he should be able to make a smooth transition into the NFL.

Jon: He may be a little on the tall side for a typical guard, but he’s performed several workouts at the position and, by all accounts, he’s looked very good. In addition, he played some guard while at Wisconsin and was very effective in that role. Several teams are supposedly interested in him as a guard, but that seems like such a waste given his talent at a much more important position. Then there’s always the more immediate factor to consider…Carimi’s height will be vital come November when Giants players inevitably start a rec league basketball team to keep them occupied during the lockout. Don’t underplay this one!

#20  Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

Prince: Last year, Tampa Bay was tied for second to last in total sacks…needless to say, they really need a guy who can get to the QB. This may be a little bit of a reach for Clayborn, but he’s a relentless pass rusher who fits in well with Tampa's 4-3 defense. Clayborn isn't the fastest guy coming around the edge, but he makes up for it with his strength and hustle. He’s adept at knocking back offensive lineman and ripping away from their blocks.  

Jon: Where are you getting these scouting reports? Are you cutting and pasting from a website? Am I actually doing a mock draft with Mel Kiper?

While I like Clayborn quite a bit, there are definitely some concerns that come along with him. Beyond the obvious durability concerns (and they are significant), one has to question his why his production dipped so drastically last year. Single digit sacks and single digit TFL’s in three of his four college seasons raises a big red flag for me. I’d prefer Muhammad Wilkerson at this spot as the pairing of he and Gerald McCoy on the inside could be potentially devastating. Wilkerson is as good a pass rusher as Clayborn, if not better, and is also a bit stouter against the run…an area they struggled in just as much as rushing the passer. If Tampa isn’t sold on DL, Jimmy Smith would be a great option as well considering the current legal issues facing Aqib Talib.

Prince: You caught me...Mel Kiper is actually sitting next to me right now helping me out. I’ve actually seen Clayborn play though and I like him more than Wilkerson. There are concerns about his production, but I think he’ll be able to contribute in both pass and run defense. 

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Prince said Leftwich was mobile!!!! The only time Leftwich has ever been mobile is on his way to get a sandwich!!! That being said I totally agree the Jags need a QB, I love Christian Ponder as a skilled local guy to go to the team after missing out on Tebow last year. Unfortunately I feel Prince is right here and they will over-reach with someone in the first round, although I doubt Gabbert, Newton, or Mallett will still be around (NFL teams should be ashamed at how much they overreach and overpay these QBs!!!)