Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The BDT Podcast (Oct 24)

Uh oh, Lions fans! Look familiar?
Jon and Prince recap the Week 7 games.

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  1. You file that lawsuit, Jerry Jones! Good for you!!! That's awesome.

    I am, of course, well familiar with the home-game-in-London effect. My precious 49ers, who finished just one game shy of a playoff berth, were the only team in the NFL last year with 7 home games (the 8th being a "home" game in London). Fortunately (I guess), we ended up winning that 'home' game, so we really can't argue that the lost home game affected our season's outcome. Sadly, Tampa won't be able to say the same this season!

    What's really sad here, as you mentioned, is that the good people of London had to watch the Bucs and the Bears crap all over their beloved soccer stadium. Well done, Goodell: you now have put 49ers-Broncos and Bucs-Bears in London for back-to-back seasons. Next year prediction: Dolphins-Jaguars. Blane Gabirtt goes 7-19 with 2 picks and 97 yards, and Andrew Luck has the worst game yet in his young career as jetlag gets the best of him (he's from the Left Coast, you know).

  2. 1. The London game rubs me the wrong way for several reasons, most of all because I think it's near criminal to steal one of only eight home games from a team.

    2. Blane Gabirtt! Amazing!

    3. Love, love, love the prediction. That's perfect.

    In honor of your prediction, I'd like to make one of my own:

    Jerry Jones does indeed file his lawsuit. The case is proceeding nicely and it looks almost assured that Jones will win...until Tony Romo is forced to take the stand late in the proceedings, resulting in the utter collapse of Jones' case.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I did NOT see that coming!