Friday, November 11, 2011

The BDT Podcast (Nov 11)

How bold is my prediction? Do a Google image search for David Nelson and see how long it takes to find the football player...end of page 2!

Jon and Prince make some "Bold Predictions" for Week 10.

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  1. Very good handling of the whole Paterno situation. Ashton Kutcher is a moron, I can't believe people think it's 'cool' to go out and rally or whatever for Penn St., just out of some ill-conceived sense of community. Hey, you like your alma mater, that's great. But don't go being an idiot just because you think it's fun to support your team or whatever. This isn't a game. Drop the 'fan' mindset for a second. There are people's lives forever affected by this. It's not sports. It's serious stuff.

  2. Well said, Casey. This isn't a recruiting violation or a pay-for-play scandal. It's kid's being sexually abused. Doesn't matter how long Joe has been at Penn State, doesn't matter that he built the program from the ground up, doesn't matter that he won national championships...all that matters is that he knew kids were being sexually abused and he chose to only fulfill the bare minimum requirements for reporting it. There is simply NO other way to look at it. For that, Paterno deserves no special send-off. He deserves to be booted out and humiliated for the dirt bag that he is. And please, don't try to sell me the "he made a mistake, think about all the good he's done" card! Knowing about something this horrible for over a decade and failing to act is not one little mistake. Honestly, I don't see much difference between this and if Paterno walked up to his QB and shot him in the head. Either way, Paterno's on field accomplishments are meaningless, and defending him based on them is the stupidest thing possible.