Thursday, December 22, 2011

The BDT Podcast (Dec 21)

Is there anyone in the NFL you feel worse for than Maurice Jones-Drew?
Jon and Prince pick the Week 16 games/lines.

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  1. hahaha! Actually, there's absolutely nothing wrong with picking the Seahawks here - and it's not because of the Tarvaris curse, OR because of any 'letdown' on the 49ers' part. They already had their letdown when they lost to the Cards and that was embarassing. They all know how important that first-round bye will be, and after their performance against the Steelers, they are going to be MORE pumped up this week.

    No, the problem here is the Seahawks. They are winning. They're at home, where they ALWAYS have a chance. And yes, they're still fighting for life in the playoff race. I am terrified of this game. I'm still picking the 49ers, mainly because Marshawn Lynch has an uphill battle and they usually need him to win... but it's not crazy to pick Seattle here.

  2. I agree with you 100%. There's something weird about this Seattle team. They really do suck on nearly every level, but they somehow remain competitive.

    On the letdown thing...I don't really buy into letdowns too much. It had to be mentioned though. San Fran has a lot on the line, as they really don't have a shot in the playoffs without home field. Also, I'm guessing Harbaugh will have a very easy time selling "nobody respects us, everyone thinks we beat Pittsburgh ONLY because Roethlisberger was hurt" to his players. They should be ready to roll.

    That having been said, I PICKED THE 49ERS! That makes it impossible for them to win! I'd like to apologize, Casey, for ruining home field advantage for your team.

  3. It does figure that the week you finally 'take down' the Tarvaris curse, you do it by 1/2 a point. Dang.