Monday, November 26, 2012

The Boris Diaw Time Show (11/26)

A new Thanksgiving tradition...
Week 12 recap.

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  1. So I did a little research...turns out Adderall actually contains amphetamine and can give increased oxygen flow and stamina to players taking it. I think this calls for a Breaking Bad themed special.

  2. You guys fail to mention the best and most ironic part of the Schwartz challenge fiasco. During the infamous handshake game last year, Schwartz chided Harbaugh from the other sideline for doing this EXACT same thing: "KNOW THE RULES, HARBAUGH!!" (This was only Harbaugh's 5th game as an NFL coach). So yeah, you can absolutely bet that I was there in my living room, screaming at the TV, "KNOW THE RULES, SCHWARTZ!!!" hahahaha