Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BDT -- Casey and Barry (Apr 6)

I definitely believe you Barry! How could you have known they were steroids? (Hint: LOOK IN THE MIRROR!)
I'm sure you're expecting something about the national championships game. Here's the deal, I'll write about it when someone finally makes a shot. NO! EASY BUTLER FANS! COME BACK FROM THE LEDGE! I WAS ONLY JOKING!

Look Butler fans, at least you got there. You got there two years in a row! Don't let anyone take that away from you, regardless of how crappy you played Monday night. Anyways, I'm not here to talk about the past...wait, I think I've heard that one before.

Speaking of steroids, Casey wrote a little thing for his boy(friend) Barry Bonds and his other boy(friend) Barry Zito, and I thought it would be fun to run it today while I'm hard at work on tomorrow's college hoops post. As you know, Casey is an avid San Francisco Giants fan. Like most Giants fans, he has a very complicated relationship with Barry Bonds. With all that's going on lately in the courtroom, Casey thought it would be a good time to let Barry know how he really feels. In addition, he had a few things to say to Zito as well.


Barry (Bonds) to Casey: "Please forgive me!" Yes, Barry, of course I forgive you... it was so much fun back in the day seeing you CRUSH those balls into McCovey Cove. I'll never forget being there for #660. You are still my hero (kinda, in some probably sad way). Besides, everyone was juicing! You were so much better than all the other juicers, which still makes you great. I kinda wish you hadn't lied to me and Congress and the whole world, but in some sick way I think I actually prefer that to McGwire's pathetic "I'm not here to talk about the past, but to look at the future" garbage. Also, you were fat in style - he just looked like a giant chicken nugget when he bulked up. Anyway, yes, you and your atrophic testicles are definitely forgiven! I love you Barry!!!

Casey to Barry (Zito): "Please forgive me!" Look, Barry, I know I said some harsh things in that BDT article... I was only playing (kinda...)! I didn't realize you'd try to kill yourself driving into oncoming traffic. I mean, I still kinda think you were bluffing - let's face it, there are plenty of cliffs in the Bay Area...but anyway, for what it's worth, I'm sorry. Please don't take it TOO personally! I want you on the team, I really do. You are an inspiration to many of our younger guys. It's important for them to know if they work really hard for a few years in their youth, they can get paid the big bucks to sit around on a bench, and then get a nice fancy ring for it! Barry, please forgive me!


Interesting. And kinda sad. Poor Casey.

Anyways, I should be finished with my college basketball post for tomorrow. I'll comment on the crappiest national championship game in history and I'll also take a way too early look at next year.

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  1. Butler remind me of the Buffalo Bills, except the Bills went 4 straight times to the SB and lost...
    I guess it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all. or something like that :)